Bosch Slabbers landscape and urban planning is a Dutch private company specialized in water-related issues. Here 26 landscape architects, -planners and technicians work together on tomorrow’s landscape. In the Netherlands Bosch Slabbers has experience with a variety of ‘Room for the River’ projects and is involved in many projects related to coastal defence. Furthermore Bosch Slabbers participates in international cases after a catastrophe has happened (e.g. New Orleans after Katrina, New York post Sandy). But we also frequently participate in the so called ‘Dutch Dialogues’, aimed at changing attitude: from a reactive attitude, taking measures afterwards, into a proactive approach, to be well prepared on a next event. Circumstances differ all over the world. Mumbai is not New York, and New York is totally different from Ho Chi Minh City or Rotterdam. But however circumstances may differ, one thing remains the same: Bosch Slabbers is constantly looking for solutions that both work and add value.