Adaptation Futures 2016

Adaptation Futures 2016

Last week Adaptation Futures was held in the city of Rotterdam. The conference is part of the Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts, and Adaptation (PROVIA). In a multidisciplinary atmosphere experts from all over the world gather to address the urgency to deal with climate change.

RDC was also present among the researchers, policymakers, entrepreneurs, pioneers and practitioners. With these experts several sessions were held, one of hem was organized in collaboration with New York and Rotterdam. During this session “Pathways to Resiliency” best practices, vision and the challenges regarding climate adaptation and resiliency were stipulated.

Still the main question remains:
“How to close the gap between the have’s and the have not’s, by bringing them together with local challenges, in order to become a resilient neighborhood and city.”

The outcome of the second day, including the RDC session, can be found in the online magazine of Adaptation Futures.

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