City Deal Climate Adaptation

City Deal Climate Adaptation

The City Deal Parties and Partners declare that they want to create a long term major practical learning environment for climate-proof development. And not only for climate professionals, but also for other professionals and parties that play a role in climate adaptation.

Through the City Deal the Parties and Partners can learn together on strategic and project level. Cities, waterboards and the government can benefit from each other in (inter-)national networks, joint approaches to European funds and joint continuity offers. In extend knowledge institutions and entrepreneurs can transform long-term climate resistant issues to their core business and daily practices.

The deal also provides space for others to catch on, in order to work together on achieving the first global-scale climate-resilient urban Delta which acts as a high climate-resistant location with strong international operating businesses.

Cities Network as an international learning community
Parties and partners commit themselves to contribute through concrete practical projects to change the thinking and acting regard spatial adaptation. They start by creating a learning community around concrete cases in which they express the intention with government and waterboards to provide room for experimentation. The learning environment is characterized by the reference to work on specific projects and actual realization, together with professionals.

Finally, the lessons are shared (scaled) to other parties. For example; this can be in the form of a manual process, or through a relationship with the teaching. In this way, the concerned parties and partners provide a wealth of knowledge and experience that can be used also for teaching, research, evaluation of governmental, regional and local policies. The Parties undertake local partnerships such as living labs, regional adaptation strategies or Communities of Practice (COPs) with (inter-)national knowledge.

Cooperation program 2016-2020
The core of the City Deal program consists of the following seven thematic lines:
– Multi-layer safety: from local experiment to area-term strategy of cooperating governments;
– Climate rugged area development the most natural thing in the world (public and -private parties in development, establishment, renovation and management);
– Nature Based Solutions and Ecosystem Services;
– Climate proof heritage;
– Competence current and new professionals;
– Harnessing social initiatives for spatial adaptation;
– Strengthen international entrepreneurship.

For additional information contact Gabrielle Muris.
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