DUTEP Graduation Workshop – Jakarta

DUTEP Graduation Workshop – Jakarta

Dutch Training and Exposure Programme
The way cities are designed can prevent mayor impacts caused by climate related crises. By using an integrated approach, cities can be created in an adaptive and resilient way. To come to such cities, decision makers, managers and civil servants should cooperate and balance the content, institutional and relationship layers.

Striving to compete with the challenges, integrated and adaptive urban water management are crucial. Luckily we are not alone in this struggle: delta cities worldwide face similar challenges. Therefore together cities can collaborate to turn these challenges into opportunities. Exchanging knowledge, building on best practices and learning by doing are key elements to tackle these worldwide water and climate challenges.

DUTEP builds a sustainable relationship between the participants and the cities of Jakarta and Rotterdam.

Collective Challenges
We have a collective responsibility to take action and prevent cities and societies from all over the world to suffer from climate change. The greatest challenges of this generation are:

  • to safeguard our primary necessity of life;
  • to organise the global water dialogue;
  • to establish resilient cities;
  • to diminish the social economic damage due to climate crises.

DUTEP Graduation Workshop