Opening Aqua Dock

Opening Aqua Dock

On Monday the second of November Aqua Dock has officially been opened. Aqua Dock is a testing, demo and production location for innovations within and on water. The City Councillor Adriaan Visser was there to celebrate this unique moment of another step in the evolution of Rotterdam. The city is becoming the world pioneer in the field of urban climate adaptation, smart en green ports and resilient delta cities. Within the old port areas – the so-called “Stadshavens” – there is a high potential for waterfront development and resilient related initiatives and Aqua Dock is one of them, or in the words of the councillor: “Builing on water is the future. Here at RDM Rotterdam, in the heart of Rotterdam Innovation District, Aqua Dock is the result of sharing knowledge, innovate together and building unexpected crossovers.”


At Aqua Dock it is possible to develop new water related techniques, products and prototypes. Its demo facility consists of a floating dock with several waterlots, which are available for tests and experiments. All ready ideas are developed for floating systems, barriers, green houses, houses, offices and even a floating hotel. In extend there is the opportunity to connect with other sectors, to create the desired crossovers. In close collaboration Aqua Dock is being developed by: Municipality of Rotterdam, Port of Rotterdam, RDM Centre of Expertise, Rotterdam University of Applied Science.


For more information regarding Aqua Dock, download the brochure.