Rotterdam Resilience Strategy – ready for the 21st century

Rotterdam Resilience Strategy – ready for the 21st century

Resilience is in our DNA. We know what it is like to fully dedicate ourself to achieve our desired goals. The city of Rotterdam has a history of vision, guts and durability. Stronger by fierce and struggle, 75 years after the reconstruction and rise of the city , Rotterdam is international know as a vital, prosperous and modern city. Years of dedication and proud, hard working inhabitants made this possible. Still we are not there yet.


Resilience is in our DNA; we need to keep evolving; transitions call for the next resilience step

Beyond climate adaptation
We believe we have a strong track record on resilience, but we want to build on this platform and take our city resilience to the next level. Our challenge is to respond to a number of transitions happening in parallel that are potentially disruptive if not dealt with properly and to work hard to realize policies and actions that provide benefits in each – or many – of these areas.

Using the 100 Resilient Cities methodology we need six focus areas which represent our main resilience challenges. These are:
* Social cohesion and education
* Energy transition
* Climate adaptation
* Cyber use and security
* Critical infrastructure
* Changing urban governance


Resilience is a mindset; we need all our inhabitants to evolve a Resilient Rotterdam

Resilience Objectives
Rotterdam is fighting for a sustainable, safe, inclusive, and healthy future. For this reason, we want to embed resilience in the minds and actions of the people of Rotterdam – for their benefit and in close cooperation with them. Guided by 6 themes, 7 objectives and dozens of initiatives, we will close ranks to enhance resilience.
* Rotterdam: a city with a balanced community
* A global port city running on clean and reliable energy
* Cyber port city
* Rotterdam’s resilience to climate change taken to a new level
* Infrastructure ready to face the 21st century
* Rotterdam network city: our city
* Embedding resilience in the city

Seven Qualities of Resilience
The 100 Resilient Cities programme defines urban resilience as: “The capacity of individuals, communities, institutions, businesses, and systems within a city to survive, adapt, and grow no matter what kinds of chronic stresses and acute shocks they experience”.


Resilience Strategy builds on the storied legacy of Rotterdam and enlights the Resilience Revolution

In our resilience strategy we drew heavily on the 100 Resilient Cities established methodology and supporting tools. The City Resilience Framework (CRF) helped us to identify the relevant domains of city resilience. Our stage 2 diagnostic tasks helped us to identify the key shocks and stresses (and transitions) that Rotterdam may face in the future and the resilience and reality lenses, together with the seven resilience qualities helped us to develop and redefine our action list.
* Reflective: using past experience to inform future decisions
* Resourceful: recognizing alternative ways to use resources
* Robust: well–conceived, constructed, and managed systems
* Redundant: spare capacity purposively created to accommodate disruption
* Flexible: willingness and ability to adopt alternative strategies in response to changing circumstances
* Inclusive: prioritize broad consultation to create a sense of shared ownership in decision making
* Integrated: bring together a range of distinct systems and institutions


Thinking about the future is what we do all day

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